Falsehood as Politics
Saturday, September 19, 2015 at 9:47PM
Sean Wilson in American Politics, Bill Maher, Lies, Presidential Campaign, Republicans, video
This video clip made me think of something. There was a study recently that showed Republicans made public falsehoods more often than Democrats. As I sit back and listen to the A.M. radio and reflect upon the Obama years, it occurs to me that something interesting has happened. Falsehood is being used as politics. The whole idea is to present misinformation about something current, to give the impression that the sky is falling. And then, tomorrow, move on to a different falsehood that has the same basic message: the sky is falling. It doesn't matter if the previous falsehoods get exposed, because: (a) political attention spans are only "in the moment;" and (b) the goal is to coral (or manufacture) disaffected publics. And so, the era of politics as falsehood is upon us.
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