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On The Steelers, Oil & Unions

(Sent to a former colleague of mine)

Hey Robert. Sorry to delay in getting back to you. We're nearing the end of the quarter, and I am swamped. Don't know how much you are paying attention to the public-employee union thing. That's really a big issue around here. Our faculty is unionized, and it sure has helped my pay. I've learned a lot, both good and bad, from experiencing this union stuff.

One of the things that I hate about the oil thing is how the vulchers get in the way. We've talked about this before: people speculating over scarcity with the hope of making a short-term gain off of the misery of others.

No, I have not gotten over the Super Bowl yet. I will not even talk or think about it. A faithful and daily watcher of NFL Network I used to be. I have not turned the channel on since that dreadful day and intend not to. I hope they strike. I hope the greedy owners destroy the league. I don't think I'll watch football again -- not for a very, very long time. I feel as though the Steelers ruined or stained the team legacy. At times, I think they solidified their own team's legacy as a bunch of bosos who thought way too much of themselves. They looked drunken and imbibed from the week. Couldn't even fall on the ball when it was on the turf. 3 turnovers. I think I feel like some of the right wingers might have after Vietnam. I don't even want to talk about it. Yours, still injured. Dr. Sean Wilson, Esq.

________________________________From: To: Sean Wilson Sent: Mon, February 21, 2011 3:16:08 PMSubject: Oil prices SOAR

(from Reuters) - Oil prices charged to fresh 2-1/2 year highs ($105/barrel for Brent North Sea oil) on Monday as traders reacted to increasing violence in major producer Libya, which fed investor fears about rising inflation and unsettled other markets.

Hello Sean,I hope that you have recovered from the Super Bowl. You have to admit that it was a exiting game, despite the final score. Indeed, the game went close to how I thought it would -- with Green Bay sprinting out to a lead (I thought it would be 17-7 late in the second quarter, with the Steelers scoring late to go into halftime behind 17-14) only for the Steelers to gradually catch up. The last drive was tailor-made for a Steeler comeback, but, for some reason, the last two plays looked rushed and unfocused.

I had not e-mailed earlier, since I've been knee-deep in the Middle East revolutions. While Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, and Yemen are non-oil exporters, now we see violence coming from oil-and-gas-rich Libya, Algeria, and Bahrain.

Seasonally, late February to late May are usually sluggish for the oil market, as Chinese New Year (late February) and warmer weather in North America and Europe (March through May) weaken oil prices ahead of the summer driving season (late May to early September). While geopolitical events are driving prices today, one must wonder what prices will look like after May. I hope that you invested (in oil exploration stocks) appropriately.

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