The Age of Intoleration is Upon Us
Thursday, January 7, 2016 at 7:58PM
Sean Wilson

... people misunderstand the times in which we live. They think that their opponents have "flipped a lid." In truth, however, we live now in the age of intolerance. Everyone believes what they do, and do so to the derision of its competition. And I don't mean that they are intellectually derisive; I mean precisely that they are NOT. We no longer know how to understand alternate points of view. For if we submitted to intellectualism FIRST, what would happen is that a large class of opposition could be seen as being reasonable. And this would both silence our own claims to truth as well as mute that class of belief which can only be seen as dogma and orthodoxy. And so, we live now in an age where what is true is what we like, and when others disagree, that is a problem for society, because, well, they are going against the truth.
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