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Why I Started This Crazy Website

[sent to a friend of mine who has known me for a while, who came across my website].

... that is so funny that you noticed that. In fact, that was precisely what i liked about the web. I could display myself there and never have to talk to anyone. "There I am." It's like having a virtual relationship (a sharing experience) that involves absolutely no emotive investment or cost. If I were to talk with someone regularly wherein I engage in the most silly and revealing of things, it would most likely be a dog or a web site. Since i don't have another snoopy yet, I started the web site. So that is exactly the purpose of the site -- a way for me to dump myself somewhere that isn't a conventional sharing.  I've always thought of my site like one would a scrap book. You know, you put all your memories and stuff up. Except now I wonder if visitors don't get the impression that I am some kind of egomaniac or something. That's really not what I'm going for. At most it is just neurotic.

I do not know the names you mention. But I am so poor at names that I think I only know about 7 or so anyway. Honestly there is something seriously wrong with the name recognition function in my brain. I swear to you it just doesn't work. I teach all these students and I never know who they are.

You should mail me periodically not just to say hello, but to keep me informed about any lawyer dirt that goes on over there. I don't get to hear to much of it anymore.
Dr. Sean Wilson, Esq.
Assistant Professor
Wright State University
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