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About Critical Politiciology (and my other discussion groups)

(sent to someone who inquired).

Hi [person].

The "group" is simply an email list not unlike law-courts or conlawprof. The difference is that it has a discussion board and multiple distributors (google, yahoo, etc.). As time goes by, it becomes easier to retrieve messages and join a topic all over again, because of the way topics become organized on the discussion board. You also don't need to join anything, if you don't want to. Some people may simply read it periodically. Others might read it and reply to a particular message (by sending off an email). It tries to be very flexible and very public. Some people may join or participate anonymously (using a false-name email). This particular group (politicology) hasn't really started yet, and probably won't until August. It will be slow at first. As more people join and visit, there might be some interesting banter. I'm going to use the forum to bounce ideas off of people -- ideas that will ultimately culminate in my next project (after I finish my originalism book-draft).

So, consider the group to be nothing more than some ideas I'll throw out for consumption, and for others to do the same thing.

I started a Wittgenstein group last summer. It was slow at first, but ended up pretty good. I had a few professors anonymously participating and a lot of students, grad students and other sorts of people. Based on the topics that we discussed, the discussion board became populated pretty well: http://seanwilson.org/forum

The next step is to go from discussion board to wiki. But I don't have that ready yet. Maybe next year.

Regards and thanks. Dr. Sean Wilson, Esq.Assistant ProfessorWright State UniversityPersonal Website: http://seanwilson.orgSSRN papers: http://ssrn.com/author=596860New Discussion Groups! http://ludwig.squarespace.com/discussionfora/

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