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Wittgenstein and Giving Up Wealth

Not enough attention is given to Wittgenstein shunning his immense inheritance. What is interesting is that he did this as a young man and showed no indication throughout life to have ever regretted it. It would be one thing to see someone in their later years say, "What a stupid decision that was!" Or to try in life to retrieve it. But there is nothing in biography or history to suggest Wittgenstein ever regretted his decision. It's further testament to the very serious and extreme way in which ideas struck him.

I don't know of another person in history who gave up immense wealth, but I haven't thought it through. I mean, Jesus only talked about it. There may have been people who never sought it in the first place. But are there other examples of people who gave up mass fortunes for the sole purpose of not wanting to be spiritually corrupted by it? (Just wondering).


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