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First Three Substantive Course Topics are Up

.... Finally have 3 substantive topics up in my American political development class. Taking forever to do this.

Feudal Economics
Rise of Capitalism
Debt, Power & Risk

Dershowitz on Academia and Free Thought

... Alan Dershowitz on college campus, administrators, free speech & intellectual diversity.

Nordic Wittgenstein Review: Forms of Life

... open access special edition published. Looks promising. Anna Boncompagni is one of the authors.


Example of Video Learning

This is how video learning works. It's not like watching a live lecture or speech. People are impatient in front of their devices. Information must be both quick, and produced. If you watch this, tell me: don't you efficiently learn the material? It seems to me to go straight into the head. The argument that it goes too fast for some is countered by the pause button. Most students, I think,could let everything get absorbed without pausing. Imagine how long it would take to teach the same information live. Probably 15 minutes?

Falsehood as Politics

This video clip made me think of something. There was a study recently that showed Republicans made public falsehoods more often than Democrats. As I sit back and listen to the A.M. radio and reflect upon the Obama years, it occurs to me that something interesting has happened. Falsehood is being used as politics. The whole idea is to present misinformation about something current, to give the impression that the sky is falling. And then, tomorrow, move on to a different falsehood that has the same basic message: the sky is falling. It doesn't matter if the previous falsehoods get exposed, because: (a) political attention spans are only "in the moment;" and (b) the goal is to coral (or manufacture) disaffected publics. And so, the era of politics as lies is upon us. And it's odd that the public most susceptible to this sort behavior would rather believe in conspiracies of social apocalypse (e.g., Jade Helm) than to see the simple conspiracy that produces repetitive falsehoods in politics.

Breyer on the Late Show

... regarding the collegial court that "is unanimous about half of the time and is only 5-4 about 20% of the time, with it not always being the same 5 and 4.

My New American Politics Course

Here's the website. Click Here.

Interesting thing is that the video lectures are being edited more for video learning than for live-lectures. The theory is that listening to lectures on the internet is really boring. And that content needs pushed more quickly due to the social phenomenon of impatience in front of modern devices. What I am saying is: whereas live lectures are perceived at a certain pace, computer lectures have to go much more quickly, even though it is the same exact information. It's all in the editing.


Father Jocelyn Compositions

1. Jocelyn's Composition #1
Studio Version:
Bootleg (raw version)

The Virtues of Development in Political Science


Context is King


An Aspect-Driven Pedagogy


Trump: Watch the Money

Updated on Monday, August 24, 2015 at 6:22PM by Registered CommenterSean Wilson

Probably the most important part of the Trump speech in Alabama was the this major turn-around on political donations (see video). Every candidate who accepts campaign donations does it under the same pretenses Trump now appears to endorse. So you begin with a major premise -- "I'm rich enough to avoid manipulation by special interests (by spending my own money)" -- and you end up with the confession that it was all just unknowing populist bluster.

Click to read more ...


I'm an Americanist

... from my new American political development course.

Stephen Hetherington on Knowledge

This guy was my professor when both of us were much younger. I think he's a great philosopher.

My New American Politics Class

This is an American political development course focusing on some basic or core political conflict that has existed in this country for centuries and that reappears frequently in presidential elections.