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Flexible Constitution in Paperback


I wanted to make a happy announcement. My book earned a paperback at Lexington, and I received it in the mail today. Much to my surprise, the publisher included an author interview in the back. The interview expands upon the book's thesis. The print quality throughout the book looks really great. I'm so happy at how wonderful the product looks. If any of you are thinking of publishing legal manuscripts, I hope you look at Lexington. They did an excellent job with this, and I am so happy right now. Please feel free to contact me if you are thinking of going in that direction. 

Also, If any of you are looking for a fresh work in legal theory, you might want to consider the paperback for course adoption. It is now reasonably priced. I notice that many political scientists still talk of something they call "the legal model." It might be nice if students of these professors were also shown how the idea of legal judgments being artisan in nature would torpedo the thesis about "politics and attitudes."  In other words, if law really is an artisan judgment (in the manner that Wittgenstein describes), the concern of scholars should shift from the affiliation of the judge or outcome to the quality of the intellectual judgment. A poor intellectual product is what threatens the Court much more than politics.

The other virtue of the book would be its exposure of originalism. Though I never say this, I think the book pretty much establishes that originalists are shallow-level thinkers when it comes to philosophy of law. In fact, it is the failure to think well that makes originalism quite intoxicating among the populous. I have yet to see one originalist show any flaw in the book regarding the numerous problems that occur in their thinking. 

Anyway, I'm really psyched right now. Please excuse my exuberance for those who did not want to receive this mail. Thank you, and please remember to consider Lexington when shopping your legal manuscript.   

  The Flexible Constitution

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Star Trek, Transporter Machine & Souls

Updated on Monday, May 26, 2014 at 11:29PM by Registered CommenterSean Wilson

I don't agree that the captain would die or that the reconstituted captain would be a new person. The point seems to be based upon philosophy of soul. ... In Christian metaphysics, souls leave bodies at death and sometimes go back in them. So the beaming and reconstituting of molecules seems not to trouble anything, so long as, somehow, souls go along with the transport. If you don't believe in souls, that's another issue.

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Wittgenstein on Mind and Brains

This set of lectures covers some basic ideas in Wittgenstein's approach to mind/body issues. This is intended to be cursory only. A more extensive foray will occur the next time the course is taught. Readers may also want to consult segments from a prior topic: Calculation is a Behavior.

Brains and Mind
Vulcan Mind Meld
Brains as Computers
Psychological Grammar

Wittgenstein on Religion

This set of lectures covers Wittgenstein's views on religious belief -- or at least, an important component of his views. More extended treatment will occur the next time the course is given. Readers should also consult one lecture from a prior topic: Cognitive Pictures of Jesus.

Aspect Sight and Religious Belief
Religion and Science
God Propositions and Their Grammar
The Role of Suffering in God Beliefs
Theism as an Aspect Sight?


Wittgenstein on Intelligence and Insight

This set of lectures could be titled "seeing connections." But I titled them with the idea of how to be intelligent or insightful, because this is what they really seem to be showing. This is the last installment of what I would call "Wittgenstein's tools." That is, if you can do this stuff, along with the stuff about language and the mistakes of philosophy (analyticity), how you go about thinking in other areas becomes completely changed.

Pictures of Account (Jesus)
Practice: Find the Cognitive Picture
The Relevance of Pictures
Aspect Sight
Connoisseur Judgment
Taxonomical Judgment
Natural Taxonomy?
Corporations as Persons?
The New Thinking