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Seeking Feedback on a New Book Proposal

I am seeking feedback on the enclosed proposal. I wonder if people think it looks like a viable project? Would the thesis of such a book interest you? Basically, the book is a bit personal: it's based upon an intellectual transformation that I went through and how I came to see the fields of political science, law, and philosophy so differently. The premise is that Wittgenstein did this to me. But the important part is not that -- it is: (a) what this "new thinking" is; and (b) why it is important for other scholars to think this way. The enthymeme here is that the fields of law, political science and philosophy need more Wittgensteinians.

Anyway, here is the proposal:

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Flexible Constitution in Paperback


Star Trek, Transporter Machine & Souls

Updated on Monday, May 26, 2014 at 11:29PM by Registered CommenterSean Wilson

I don't agree that the captain would die or that the reconstituted captain would be a new person. The point seems to be based upon philosophy of soul. ... In Christian metaphysics, souls leave bodies at death and sometimes go back in them. So the beaming and reconstituting of molecules seems not to trouble anything, so long as, somehow, souls go along with the transport. If you don't believe in souls, that's another issue.

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Wittgenstein on Mind and Brains

This set of lectures covers some basic ideas in Wittgenstein's approach to mind/body issues. This is intended to be cursory only. A more extensive foray will occur the next time the course is taught. Readers may also want to consult segments from a prior topic: Calculation is a Behavior.

Brains and Mind
Vulcan Mind Meld
Brains as Computers
Psychological Grammar

Wittgenstein on Religion

This set of lectures covers Wittgenstein's views on religious belief -- or at least, an important component of his views. More extended treatment will occur the next time the course is given. Readers should also consult one lecture from a prior topic: Cognitive Pictures of Jesus.

Aspect Sight and Religious Belief
Religion and Science
God Propositions and Their Grammar
The Role of Suffering in God Beliefs
Theism as an Aspect Sight?