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Philosophy of Bias in Philosophy of Law

... interesting stuff here. Watch both videos. What is the law for each of these people, and who is being biased about it?


Bill Maher


Introducing Pastology in Philosophy of Law

I have a new paper out in legal theory. It concerns my first book.

Abstract: Scholars of legal theory must stop using the phrase “original meaning” when suggesting how we should read undefined legal text. Instead, the term “pastology” or “pastological exegesis” should be used. We have an obligation not to mislead our audience. Whenever legal text is undefined and an advocate puts forth a candidate for more specific meaning based upon a marshaling of the past (floor speeches, letters, old dictionaries, etc.), this is an exegetical behavior known in philosophy of law as pastology.

Us Versus Them: Left and Right Become Confused in Our Age 

(Replying to this article about the Koch Brothers agreeing with Bernie Sanders regarding the export-import bank.

... I don't know whether it is realignment or confusion. But ideology is not working anymore. Laissez faire capitalists didn't like it when government supported an industry, the way Europe supported Airbus, giving it a competitive advantage. The new liberalism argued that government structuring capitalism was actually good. Why not help your best industries become world leading? Then comes retro 1970s McGovernism which says that this policy helps the bourgeoisie. And so you have extreme left and right becoming the same thing for opposite reasons. I mean -- who is protectionist this year? Why it is Trump and Bernie. Apparently, no one likes markets or capitalism anymore. One doesn't like it because of nativism and the other because capitalism is a dirty word. All there is, is this "us versus them" crap on BOTH sides. Whether its us versus the billionaires, us versus foreigners, etc., etc. I cannot wait for not only the election, but the entire time in which we live, to be over. When will this social fixation end?


The Legacy of Antonin Scalia

 For me, Scalia was a terrible judge. And he was terrible because his decisions relied upon intellectual behaviors that were dominant in history at least one century prior to his time on the bench. He used an a-priori format, syllogistic reasoning, formalism, and took positions about language that had been badly discredited in the time in which he lived. In fact, he is known for inventing the concept of original meaning, which was always an intellectually flawed idea. He reminded me of the character "Dr. Zaius" in the 1968 movie, Planet of the Apes, because of these behaviors. 

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Free Will: The False Debate

Replying to this:

This whole debate is so ridiculous. There is nothing in science that could ever say whether choice is voluntary. It could only provide physical explanations for the way choice is constituted. Even if why we choose were said to be socially embedded, or latent, all that could be done, through therapy, is to give a person a heightened perspicuity for this as a phenomenon. It would be the same as giving a student a sense of ethics. To do anything more in this domain is to spread confusion.