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On Facts and Intelligence

We talk a great deal about intelligence. But we are confused in this idea with "skills.” For surely, a person can have great cognitive skill at this or that, but be lacking in what he or she does with it (seeing significance). So many times, I have seen people think that intelligence is knowing what is happening in the world. They know of this study or that. They think knowledge is information. Yet, in truth, the ones who have true perspective are those who need to look at the world LEAST to know what is transpiring. The truly intelligent have learnt to "look away," so to speak. They don't look away in confusion or spite, mind you -- they have earned the luxury of looking away. This is because the construct they have formed about the world is more complicated and rich than those who have to keep looking at it. The confused think that the more they look, the more they know. In truth, they look because they have not the skill to look away.

In this spirit, here is some "thinking aloud" from many moons ago:


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