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The First-Ever Father-Daughter Jam Session. In fact, Let's Call the Band Exactly That -- "Father Jocelyn"

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After Jocelyn received her new acoustic/electric for Christmas, we decided to start jamming. These photos and the songs below are from that historic session. I think we should form a band and name it Father Jocelyn. Of course, we have a long way to go because we are not that good. (Her excuse is much better than mine -- she's just starting. So the honest way to say it is that I am not that good. But I don't really play much any more myself).

My favorite in this session is the very first song/riff we created, called "our first pop song." I also like Pinball Wizard, but only because I loved playing her new guitar. I took the accoustic on that one because she did not know how to play the progression. I gave her the Les Paul so she could play the meaty part of the song. She tried the chords for the very first time on the two takes below. It was loads of fun. Sympathy for the Devil was also fun, but I really can't solo. I've always likened any style that I ever aspired to on the Les Paul to Pete Townshend in the good years (the seventies, roughly speaking). These demos sort of remind me of the clumsy way that Pete's demos sometimes sounded. I just like playing power shapes and sitting on chords overtop of other people's playing. It's easy and it's fun.

Also, one more thing: The recording equipment is terrible. It's a hand-held digital dictating device (Olympus). Jocelyn just received some serious recording toys for her birthday, so, this summer, we'll try to cook up something better.

sean.jocelynguitarsessions.2.png [Photo taken during one of the songs by my mother] sean.jocelyn.guitarsessions.1.png [Photo apparently taken during a take of Pinball Wizard by my mother]

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