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Thoughts on "Scholarship"

I absolutely detest writing for journals because it is as if you have to sound like you are writing for a magazine. You cannot be frank. You cannot simply be demonstrative, as one might be in, say, mathematics. You have to “compose” the idea. You have to do, intellectually, something similar to what television shows do to make the presentation interesting. In short, what you have to do is make your thoughts into a good piece of journalism –- showing why the problem is interesting, what others have said, what you say and why it is helpful. Honestly, a better program would simply be to have the person’s thought following his frank remarks as to why they are offered. All of the rest of it is just fluff, pomp and dress – and it is so meaninglessly tedious in the labor it requests. Some of it, also, is showing off. “I read this and that."

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True sometimes writing in journals can be tedious and self serving, But at other times there are fields that are well served by having journals. Scientist can publish their works there which gives others oppertunities to repeat/check the origonals works, which is the final step of scientific work. I will say that writings in social science are more self serving than for physical science

January 11, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterzachary wiesel

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