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Wittgenstein on Religion

This set of lectures covers Wittgenstein's views on religious belief -- or at least, an important component of his views. More extended treatment will occur the next time the course is given. Readers should also consult one lecture from a prior topic: Cognitive Pictures of Jesus.

Aspect Sight and Religious Belief
Religion and Science
God Propositions and Their Grammar
The Role of Suffering in God Beliefs
Theism as an Aspect Sight?


Wittgenstein on Intelligence and Insight

This set of lectures could be titled "seeing connections." But I titled them with the idea of how to be intelligent or insightful, because this is what they really seem to be showing. This is the last installment of what I would call "Wittgenstein's tools." That is, if you can do this stuff, along with the stuff about language and the mistakes of philosophy (analyticity), how you go about thinking in other areas becomes completely changed.

Pictures of Account (Jesus)
Practice: Find the Cognitive Picture
The Relevance of Pictures
Aspect Sight
Connoisseur Judgment
Taxonomical Judgment
Natural Taxonomy?
Corporations as Persons?
The New Thinking

Wittgenstein On Philosophy

... new set of lectures was posted today. It's on Wittgenstein and Philosophy. Will have the final set of lectures, called Wittgenstein on Intelligence, up tomorrow (hopefully).

Moore & His Hands
Form of Life
False Problems
Example: Free Will
Senses of Knowledge
On Definitions
Gettier & Banality
Alternative Lexicons
On Contradiction
Calculating is Behavior
Mathematics & Proof

Why Aesthetics Matters More Than Politics

And showing that a justice has been ridiculous with the law is far more damning than picking on his political views. This is because there is nothing wrong with "being a conservative" when you are intellectually sophisticated and are giving good reasons. We don't care that he's conservative; we only care that his thinking not be poor. A good example of this is Scalia with gay marriage. If you look at his views, they are so "out there" that it seems almost comical. When the issue is gays, the guy is a cartoon.

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The Failure of The Politics of Law

The difficulty with the "high politics" thesis is whether it is falsifiable. In its best form, it should be a thesis to indict non-pragmatic decision making. But I don't think Sandy and Jack Balkin are doing that. For some unknown reason -- probably ideology -- many in this network use this picture as an article of faith. It paints a caricature that gets fed to students like candy.

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